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Toshiba On-Site Repair - Extended service agreement1

Toshiba On-Site Repair - Extended service agreement
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: ONS103E-V

Art.No.: S8708489

parts and labour, 3 years, on-site, response time: NBD, for Satellite; Satellite Pro C50, C70, C850, L850; Tecra R940, R950; Toshiba WT310 10, 108

  • Inexpensive coverage for your technology investment
  • Choice of repair options, including carry-in service to a local Toshiba Authorized Service Provider or Depot repair mail-in service
  • Extends your access to 24 x 7 expert technical assistance from the Toshiba Global Support Center

Price: 92,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


NB500 108, NB500 10H, NB500 10V, NB520 108, NB520 11N, NB520 11P, NB520 11Q, NB520 124, NB520 125, NB520 12C, NB550D 105, NB550D 109, NB550D 10H, Portégé R830-112, Portégé R830-157, Portégé R830-180, Portégé R830-19R, Portégé R830-1G2, Portégé R830-1JK, Portégé R830-1NX, Portégé R930-109, Portégé R930-10H, Portégé R930-10J, Portégé R930-115, Portégé R930-116, Portégé R930-117, Portégé R930-11W, Portégé R930-126, Portégé R930-127, Portégé R930-12H, Portégé R930-12Q, Portégé R930-12V, Portégé R930-12W, Portégé R930-13U, Portégé R930-14T, Portégé R930-14W, Portégé R930-14Z, Portégé R930-151, Portégé R930-152, Portégé R930-153, Portégé R930-154, Portégé R930-157, Portégé R930-158, Portégé R930-15D, Portégé R930-15E, Portégé R930-15F, Portégé R930-15G, Portégé R930-16Z, Portégé R930-182, Portégé R930-183, Portégé R930-189, Portégé R930-18C, Portégé R930-18M, Portégé R930-18N, Portégé R930-18P, Portégé R930-18T, Portégé R930-1CH, Portégé R930-1DK, Portégé R930-1F9, Portégé R930-1FG, Portégé R930-1H5, Portégé Z830-11X, Portégé Z830-11Z, Portégé Z830-120, Portégé Z830-12D, Portégé Z930-10M, Portégé Z930-10P, Portégé Z930-110, Portégé Z930-111, Portégé Z930-11M, Portégé Z930-11W, Portégé Z930-139, Portégé Z930-13G, Portégé Z930-13H, Portégé Z930-13U, Portégé Z930-14N, Portégé Z930-14Z, Qosmio F60-15N, Qosmio F750-125, Qosmio F750-12U, Qosmio F750-12V, Qosmio X500-167, Qosmio X770-120, Qosmio X770-124, Qosmio X770-134, Qosmio X770-137, Qosmio X770-13F, Qosmio X770-13G, Qosmio X870-13Q, Qosmio X870-13V, Qosmio X870-13Z, Qosmio X870-140, Qosmio X870-141, Qosmio X870-142, Qosmio X870-143, Qosmio X870-14F, Qosmio X870-14G, Qosmio X870-150, Qosmio X870-15K, Satellite, Satellite A665-14F, Satellite A665-162, Satellite C660-10T, Satellite C660-156, Satellite C660-1F5, Satellite C660-1FE, Satellite C660-1H6, Satellite C660-1HL, Satellite C660-1JX, Satellite C660-1KQ, Satellite C660-1PD, Satellite C660-25C, Satellite C660-27Z, Satellite C660-28W, Satellite C660-2EV, Satellite C660-2JX, Satellite C660-2K0, Satellite C660-2K1, Satellite C660-2KE, Satellite C660-2KF, Satellite C660-2KG, Satellite C660-2KH, Satellite C660-2LK, Satellite C660-2N3, Satellite C660-2N5, Satellite C660-2N8, Satellite C660-2N9, Satellite C660-2PP, Satellite C660-2Q7, Satellite C660-2QB, Satellite C660-2QH, Satellite C660-2QL, Satellite C660-2QN, Satellite C660-2R1, Satellite C660-2RC, Satellite C660-2T6, Satellite C660-2T7, Satellite C660-2TT, Satellite C660-2TZ, Satellite C660-2U7, Satellite C660D-10L, Satellite C660D-15D, Satellite C660D-15H, Satellite C660D-15K, Satellite C660D-1EH, Satellite C660D-1GQ, Satellite C660D-1HK, Satellite C670-104, Satellite C670-13K, Satellite C670-13P, Satellite C670-17C, Satellite C670-17Q, Satellite C670-17V, Satellite C670-181, Satellite C670-189, Satellite C670-199, Satellite C670-19E, Satellite C670-1C8, Satellite C670-1CK, Satellite C670-1D3, Satellite C670-1D4, Satellite C670-1D5, Satellite C670-1D9, Satellite C670-1DC, Satellite C670-1DF, Satellite C670-1DJ, Satellite C670-1DP, Satellite C670D-10F, Satellite C670D-11Z, Satellite C670D-12Q, Satellite C670D-12T, Satellite C850-101, Satellite C850-108, Satellite C850-10C, Satellite C850-119, Satellite C850-11C, Satellite C850-11V, Satellite C850-12M, Satellite C850-132, Satellite C850-13X, Satellite C850-14X, Satellite C850-16P, Satellite C850-16Q, Satellite C850-16R, Satellite C850-16W, Satellite C850-19Z, Satellite C850-1C0, Satellite C850-1C1, Satellite C850-1C2, Satellite C850-1C4, Satellite C850-1C9, Satellite C850-1D2, Satellite C850-1DD, Satellite C850D-105, Satellite C850D-10T, Satellite C850D-11K, Satellite C850D-11Q, Satellite C855-10K, Satellite C855-10M, Satellite C855-10X, Satellite C855-10Z, Satellite C855-11F, Satellite C855-11G, Satellite C855-127, Satellite C855-128, Satellite C855-129, Satellite C855-12C, Satellite C855-12F, Satellite C855-12G, Satellite C855-13F, Satellite C855-13T, Satellite C855-14R, Satellite C855-14T, Satellite C855-14U, Satellite C855-15Q, Satellite C855-16M, Satellite C855-17M, Satellite C855-17N, Satellite C855-17Q, Satellite C855-17R, Satellite C855-17T, Satellite C855-17X, Satellite C855-17Z, Satellite C855-184, Satellite C855-192, Satellite C855-19K, Satellite C855-1ED, Satellite C855-1GN, Satellite C855-1HE, Satellite C855-1JC, Satellite C855-1L5, Satellite C855-1M1, Satellite C855-1MD, Satellite C855-1ME, Satellite C855-1Q2, Satellite C855-1Q5, Satellite C855-1RK, Satellite C855-1RL, Satellite C855-1RM, Satellite C855-1RN, Satellite C855-1RP, Satellite C855-1RT, Satellite C855-1RU, Satellite C855-1RV, Satellite C855-1RX, Satellite C855-1TC, Satellite C855-1TD, Satellite C855-1TE, Satellite C855-1TF, Satellite C855-1TV, Satellite C855-1VN, Satellite C855-1VT, Satellite C855-1W3, Satellite C855-1W4, Satellite C855-1W7, Satellite C855-1WC, Satellite C855-1WM, Satellite C855-1WP, Satellite C855-1WQ, Satellite C855-1WR, Satellite C855-1WT, Satellite C855-1WU, Satellite C855D-121, Satellite C870-11F, Satellite C870-11G, Satellite C870-11H, Satellite C870-11J, Satellite L650-1M0, Satellite L650-1MT, Satellite L650-1N8, Satellite L650-1NC, Satellite L650-1PU, Satellite L650-1Q2, Satellite L650D-178, Satellite L655-1K0, Satellite L670-1GX, Satellite L670-1H2, Satellite L670-1JD, Satellite L670-1KU, Satellite L670-1LF, Satellite L670-1LH, Satellite L670-1LJ, Satellite L670-1LN, Satellite L670D-146, Satellite L670D-15H, Satellite L670D-15K, Satellite L670D-15Q, Satellite L670D-15U, Satellite L730-120, Satellite L730-121, Satellite L735-14L, Satellite L735-157, Satellite L735-158, Satellite L750-17N, Satellite L750-1RJ, Satellite L750-22C, Satellite L750-22J, Satellite L750-22X, Satellite L750-22Z, Satellite L750D-199, Satellite L750D-1C7, Satellite L750D-1CC, Satellite L750D-1DM, Satellite L750D-1DT, Satellite L750D-1DU, Satellite L750D-1ER, Satellite L750D-1EX, Satellite L750D-1FD, Satellite L750D-1FX, Satellite L750D-1FZ, Satellite L750D-1GC, Satellite L755-187, Satellite L755-1HW, Satellite L755-1HX, Satellite L755-1J2, Satellite L755-1J5, Satellite L755-1LL, Satellite L755-1LM, Satellite L755-1LQ, Satellite L755-1MJ, Satellite L755-1MU, Satellite L755-1NP, Satellite L755-1NV, Satellite L755-1NW, Satellite L755-1NX, Satellite L755D-13D, Satellite L755D-14H, Satellite L755D-14N, Satellite L755D-14U, Satellite L755D-14X, Satellite L755D-21L, Satellite L770-15Q, Satellite L770D-10G, Satellite L775-139, Satellite L775-17H, Satellite L775-17T, Satellite L775-18F, Satellite L775-18H, Satellite L775-18Q, Satellite L775-18R, Satellite L775-19E, Satellite L775D-10F, Satellite L775D-10G, Satellite L775D-10Q, Satellite L775D-10R, Satellite L775D-10W, Satellite L830-10X, Satellite L850-15F, Satellite L850-161, Satellite L850-162, Satellite L855-11F, Satellite L855-11P, Satellite L870-11J, Satellite L870-136, Satellite L870-16E, Satellite P500-1JG, Satellite P500-1JJ, Satellite P750-141, Satellite P750-15F, Satellite P750-15G, Satellite P750-15L, Satellite P750-15T, Satellite P770-13E, Satellite P770-13H, Satellite P775-11P, Satellite Pro C50-A-136, Satellite Pro C50-A-137, Satellite Pro C50-A-13T, Satellite Pro C50-A-15Q, Satellite Pro C50-A-15T, Satellite Pro C50-A-15V, Satellite Pro C50-A-162, Satellite Pro C50-A-166, Satellite Pro C50-A-168, Satellite Pro C50-A-16M, Satellite Pro C50-A-17H, Satellite Pro C50-A-181, Satellite Pro C50-A-19Q, Satellite Pro C50-A-1F4, Satellite Pro C660-10J, Satellite Pro C660-1JL, Satellite Pro C660-1KR, Satellite Pro C660-2JD, Satellite Pro C660-2JE, Satellite Pro C660-2JN, Satellite Pro C660-2JQ, Satellite Pro C660-2JR, Satellite Pro C660-2JT, Satellite Pro C660-2JU, Satellite Pro C660-2JV, Satellite Pro C660-2KJ, Satellite Pro C660-2KK, Satellite Pro C660-2KL, Satellite Pro C660-2KU, Satellite Pro C660-2MV, Satellite Pro C660-2MW, Satellite Pro C660-2N2, Satellite Pro C660-2QC, Satellite Pro C660-2QD, Satellite Pro C660-2RF, Satellite Pro C660-2TD, Satellite Pro C660-2UH, Satellite Pro C660-2UK, Satellite Pro C660-2VG, Satellite Pro C70-A-11M, Satellite Pro C70-A-11Z, Satellite Pro C70-A-12T, Satellite Pro C850-10N, Satellite Pro C850-10U, Satellite Pro C850-10V, Satellite Pro C850-10W, Satellite Pro C850-10Z, Satellite Pro C850-12D, Satellite Pro C850-130, Satellite Pro C850-14C, Satellite Pro C850-14D, Satellite Pro C850-14K, Satellite Pro C850-157, Satellite Pro C850-158, Satellite Pro C850-15N, Satellite Pro C850-15Q, Satellite Pro C850-15T, Satellite Pro C850-15V, Satellite Pro C850-160, Satellite Pro C850-16T, Satellite Pro C850-172, Satellite Pro C850-173, Satellite Pro C850-1C3, Satellite Pro C850-1CW, Satellite Pro C850-1D3, Satellite Pro C850-1D5, Satellite Pro C850-1DQ, Satellite Pro C850-1DX, Satellite Pro C850-1EQ, Satellite Pro C850-1ER, Satellite Pro C850-1F3, Satellite Pro C850-1F4, Satellite Pro C850-1FJ, Satellite Pro C850-1FN, Satellite Pro C850-1GU, Satellite Pro C850-1GZ, Satellite Pro C850-1H3, Satellite Pro C850-1HG, Satellite Pro C850-1HH, Satellite Pro C850-1HL, Satellite Pro C850-1J2, Satellite Pro C850-1J4, Satellite Pro C850-1JG, Satellite Pro C850-1JQ, Satellite Pro C850-1K0, Satellite Pro C850-1KU, Satellite Pro C850-1LN, Satellite Pro C850-1LP, Satellite Pro C850-1LZ, Satellite Pro C870-11V, Satellite Pro C870-15P, Satellite Pro C870-187, Satellite Pro C870-18U, Satellite Pro C870-19D, Satellite Pro C870-19E, Satellite Pro C870-19J, Satellite Pro C870-19N, Satellite Pro C870-1C4, Satellite Pro C870-1CR, Satellite Pro C870-1E2, Satellite Pro C870-1EJ, Satellite Pro C870-1EV, Satellite Pro C870-1FL, Satellite Pro C870-1G2, Satellite Pro L650-1QG, Satellite Pro L670-1L5, Satellite Pro L670-1M2, Satellite Pro L670-1M3, Satellite Pro L770-144, Satellite Pro L770-14N, Satellite Pro L770-15M, Satellite Pro L770-15T, Satellite Pro L830-10G, Satellite Pro L830-10H, Satellite Pro L830-10J, Satellite Pro L830-13E, Satellite Pro L830-13R, Satellite Pro L850-110, Satellite Pro L850-112, Satellite Pro L850-11R, Satellite Pro L850-11T, Satellite Pro L850-11U, Satellite Pro L850-11V, Satellite Pro L850-11W, Satellite Pro L850-11X, Satellite Pro L850-1C2, Satellite Pro L850-1DN, Satellite Pro L850-1DP, Satellite Pro L850-1DQ, Satellite Pro L850-1DT, Satellite Pro L850-1DW, Satellite Pro L850-1DZ, Satellite Pro L850-1G5, Satellite Pro L850-1KM, Satellite Pro L850-1L2, Satellite Pro L850-1L3, Satellite Pro L850-1L4, Satellite Pro L850-1MH, Satellite Pro L850-1MJ, Satellite Pro L850-1N7, Satellite Pro L850-1NQ, Satellite Pro L850-1NR, Satellite Pro L850-1PG, Satellite Pro L870-122, Satellite Pro L870-124, Satellite Pro L870-130, Satellite Pro L870-14T, Satellite Pro L870-15D, Satellite Pro L870-15E, Satellite Pro L870-15F, Satellite Pro L870-15G, Satellite Pro L870-15H, Satellite Pro L870-16P, Satellite Pro L870-171, Satellite Pro L870-172, Satellite Pro L870-173, Satellite Pro L870-17L, Satellite Pro L870-17R, Satellite Pro R850-1J4, Satellite Pro R950-15C, Satellite R630-14X, Satellite R830-11C, Satellite R830-1CN, Satellite R830-1FZ, Satellite R830-1G0, Satellite R830-1GZ, Satellite R830-1JR, Satellite R830-1JU, Satellite R830-1L7, Satellite R850-127, Satellite R850-18V, Satellite R850-19Q, Satellite R850-1F6, Satellite R850-1JP, Tecra A11-105, Tecra A11-1HP, Tecra A11-1HZ, Tecra A11-1J7, Tecra A11-1JZ, Tecra R840-11E, Tecra R840-12Z, Tecra R840-14X, Tecra R840-160, Tecra R840-17Q, Tecra R840-17R, Tecra R840-18T, Tecra R840-18W, Tecra R840-18Z, Tecra R840-198, Tecra R850-10W, Tecra R850-11N, Tecra R850-18L, Tecra R850-19Z, Tecra R850-1C1, Tecra R850-1CF, Tecra R850-1GV, Tecra R850-1H7, Tecra R850-1HD, Tecra R850-1HG, Tecra R850-1HP, Tecra R850-1HU, Tecra R850-1HX, Tecra R940-1C0, Tecra R940-1CL, Tecra R940-1CV, Tecra R940-1CW, Tecra R940-1CZ, Tecra R940-1D6, Tecra R940-1DC, Tecra R940-1FD, Tecra R940-1FE, Tecra R940-1FF, Tecra R940-1FH, Tecra R940-1FL, Tecra R940-1FT, Tecra R940-1G2, Tecra R940-1G6, Tecra R940-1GT, Tecra R940-1GV, Tecra R940-1GW, Tecra R940-1HE, Tecra R940-1KT, Tecra R940-1L3, Tecra R950-101, Tecra R950-102, Tecra R950-106, Tecra R950-10U, Tecra R950-10V, Tecra R950-11E, Tecra R950-11F, Tecra R950-11W, Tecra R950-11Z, Tecra R950-122, Tecra R950-123, Tecra R950-124, Tecra R950-128, Tecra R950-12Q, Tecra R950-14Z, Tecra R950-153, Tecra R950-155, Tecra R950-156, Tecra R950-158, Tecra R950-159, Tecra R950-15E, Tecra R950-15F, Tecra R950-15J, Tecra R950-15W, Tecra R950-16E, Tecra R950-16G, Tecra R950-16J, Tecra R950-16L, Tecra R950-170, Tecra R950-17L, Tecra R950-18F, Tecra R950-18G, Tecra R950-18K, Tecra R950-192, Tecra R950-19D, Tecra R950-19G, Tecra R950-19P, Tecra R950-19Q, Tecra R950-1C6, Tecra R950-1CJ, Tecra R950-1E4, Tecra R950-1G3, Tecra S11-16P, Tecra S11-173, WT310 108, WT310 10C, WT310 10U
Toshiba's On-Site service program offers you the convenience of having a Toshiba-trained technician come right to your home or business location. If your computer has a hardware failure, and the issue cannot be resolved via phone-based troubleshooting, a technician will arrive with parts at your home or business to perform the necessary hardware repairs. Why is an Extended Service Plan important coverage to have?
Product Description Toshiba On-Site Repair extended service agreement - 3 years - on-site
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labour
Location On-site
Full Contract Period 3 years
Response Time Next business day
Localisation EMEA
Designed For NB500; NB520; NB550; Portégé R830, R930, Z830, Z930; Qosmio F60, F750, X500, X770, X870; Satellite; Satellite Pro C50, C660, C70, C850, C870, L650, L670, L770, L830, L850, L870, R850, R950; Tecra A11, R840, R850, R940, R950, S11; Toshiba WT310 10, 108
All prices quoted are subject to VAT.
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