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Toshiba Ultra slim cable lock - Security cable lock1

Toshiba Ultra slim cable lock - Security cable lock
Toshiba Ultra slim cable lock - Security cable lock
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: PA5288U-1KCL

Art.No.: S19037309

black, dark grey, 2 m, for Portégé A30, X20, X30, Z20; Satellite Pro A50, R40, R50; Tecra A40, A50, X40, Z50

  • 9.8 mm lock head designed for even the thinnest laptops
  • 360-degree rotating bar securely attaches to the device
  • Push-to-lock function

Price: 40,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Portégé A30-C-1DF, Portégé A30-C-1J9, Portégé A30-C-1MG, Portégé A30-C-1MX, Portégé A30-C-1NV, Portégé A30-C-1PD, Portégé A30-C-1PE, Portégé A30-C-1PU, Portégé A30-C-1PW, Portégé A30-C-1PX, Portégé A30-C-1QC, Portégé A30-C-1QD, Portégé A30-C-1RF, Portégé A30-C-1RU, Portégé A30-C-1RZ, Portégé A30-C-1T6, Portégé A30-D-134, Portégé A30-D-14W, Portégé A30-D-163, Portégé A30t-C-156, Portégé A30t-C-157, Portégé X20W-D, Portégé X20W-D-101, Portégé X20W-D-10P, Portégé X20W-D-10Q, Portégé X20W-D-10R, Portégé X20W-D-10V, Portégé X20W-D-10X, Portégé X20W-D-111, Portégé X20W-D-11M, Portégé X20W-D-11N, Portégé X20W-D-11T, Portégé X20W-D1200ED, Portégé X20W-D-123, Portégé X20W-D1252, Portégé X20W-D1254, Portégé X20W-D1256, Portégé X20W-D-12J, Portégé X20W-E-10E, Portégé X20W-E-10N, Portégé X30-D, Portégé X30-D-10J, Portégé X30-D-10K, Portégé X30-D-10L, Portégé X30-D-10M, Portégé X30-D-10N, Portégé X30-D-10P, Portégé X30-D-10R, Portégé X30-D-10T, Portégé X30-D-10V, Portégé X30-D-10W, Portégé X30-D-10X, Portégé X30-D-10Z, Portégé X30-D-110, Portégé X30-D-111, Portégé X30-D-112, Portégé X30-D-118, Portégé X30-D-11C, Portégé X30-D-11K, Portégé X30-D-11M, Portégé X30-D-11U, Portégé X30-D-121, Portégé X30-D-122, Portégé X30-D-123, Portégé X30-D-126, Portégé X30-D-12M, Portégé X30-D-12N, Portégé X30-D-12Q, Portégé X30-D-12Z, Portégé X30-D-130, Portégé X30-D-132, Portégé X30-D-133, Portégé X30-D-134, Portégé X30-D-135, Portégé X30-D1352, Portégé X30-D1354, Portégé X30-D1356, Portégé X30-D-137, Portégé X30-D-138, Portégé X30-D-13W, Portégé X30-D-13X, Portégé X30-D-13Z, Portégé X30-D-141, Portégé X30-D-143, Portégé X30-D-14W, Portégé X30-D-154, Portégé X30-D-159, Portégé X30-D-15H, Portégé X30-D-15L, Portégé X30-D-162, Portégé X30-D-16E, Portégé X30-D-16P, Portégé X30-D-16Q, Portégé X30-D-17E, Portégé X30-D-17J, Portégé X30-D-17K, Portégé X30-D-17L, Portégé X30-D-187, Portégé X30-D-18F, Portégé X30-D-19C, Portégé X30-D-19E, Portégé X30-D-1CW, Portégé X30-D-1D3, Portégé X30-D-1ED, Portégé X30-D-1FX, Portégé X30-E-12D, Portégé X30-E-136, Portégé X30-E-137, Portégé X30-E-138, Portégé X30-E-139, Portégé X30-E-13C, Portégé X30-E-13D, Portégé X30-E-13E, Portégé Z20T-C-156, Satellite Pro A50-E-117, Satellite Pro A50-E-12D, Satellite Pro R40-C-10U, Satellite Pro R50-C-17Z, Satellite Pro R50-C-190, Satellite Pro R50-E-110, Tecra A40-D-17E, Tecra A50-D-1J4, Tecra A50-D-1J5, Tecra X40-D, Tecra X40-D-10G, Tecra X40-D-10H, Tecra X40-D-10J, Tecra X40-D-10Q, Tecra X40-D-10R, Tecra X40-D-10T, Tecra X40-D-10Z, Tecra X40-D-11F, Tecra X40-D-145, Tecra X40-D1452, Tecra X40-D-149, Tecra X40-D-14E, Tecra X40-D-14M, Tecra X40-D-14P, Tecra X40-D-14T, Tecra X40-D-152, Tecra X40-D-15F, Tecra X40-E-10N, Tecra X40-E-115, Tecra X40-E-11Q, Tecra X40-E-11U, Tecra Z50-C-13L, Tecra Z50-C-155, Tecra Z50-E-107, Tecra Z50-E-10R
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Product Description Toshiba Ultra slim cable lock - security cable lock
Product Type Security cable lock
Package Content 2 keys
Colour Black, dark grey
Length 2 m
Features Push-to-lock, keyed lock
Designed For Portégé A30, A30t, X20, X20W, X30, Z20T; Satellite Pro A50, R40, R50; Tecra A40, A50, X40, Z50
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