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Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive - Disk drive1

Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive - Disk drive
Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive - Disk drive
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: PA5221E-2DV2

Art.No.: S18426066

DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, external, silver, for Portégé A30, X20, X30, Z20, Z30; Satellite Pro A40, A50, R50; Tecra A40, A50, X40, Z50

  • Simple and fast installation - easy Plug and Play operation
  • USB powered - no external AC adapter is needed
  • Fully compatible to record and back up files on M-Disc and most CD and DVD disc formats
  • Watch movies and load software
  • Sleek ultra-portable design
  • Very light weight for true portability
  • Buffer Under Run Free technology for stable writing under high speed
  • ABS reduces vibration and noise

Price: 68,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Portégé A30-C-1DF, Portégé A30-C-1J9, Portégé A30-C-1MG, Portégé A30-C-1MX, Portégé A30-C-1NV, Portégé A30-C-1PD, Portégé A30-C-1PE, Portégé A30-C-1PU, Portégé A30-C-1PW, Portégé A30-C-1PX, Portégé A30-C-1QC, Portégé A30-C-1QD, Portégé A30-C-1RF, Portégé A30-C-1RU, Portégé A30-C-1RZ, Portégé A30-C-1T6, Portégé A30-D-10E, Portégé A30-D-114, Portégé A30-D-134, Portégé A30-D-139, Portégé A30-D-14W, Portégé A30-D-163, Portégé A30t-C-156, Portégé A30t-C-157, Portégé X20W-D-11M, Portégé X20W-D-123, Portégé X20W-D-12J, Portégé X20W-E-10E, Portégé X20W-E-10N, Portégé X30-D, Portégé X30-D-10J, Portégé X30-D-10K, Portégé X30-D-10M, Portégé X30-D-10N, Portégé X30-D-10P, Portégé X30-D-10R, Portégé X30-D-10T, Portégé X30-D-10V, Portégé X30-D-10W, Portégé X30-D-10X, Portégé X30-D-10Z, Portégé X30-D-110, Portégé X30-D-111, Portégé X30-D-112, Portégé X30-D-11K, Portégé X30-D-11M, Portégé X30-D-11U, Portégé X30-D-121, Portégé X30-D-122, Portégé X30-D-123, Portégé X30-D-126, Portégé X30-D-12Z, Portégé X30-D-137, Portégé X30-D-138, Portégé X30-D-13W, Portégé X30-D-13X, Portégé X30-D-13Z, Portégé X30-D-143, Portégé X30-D-14W, Portégé X30-D-154, Portégé X30-D-159, Portégé X30-D-15H, Portégé X30-D-15L, Portégé X30-D-162, Portégé X30-D-16E, Portégé X30-D-16P, Portégé X30-D-16Q, Portégé X30-D-17J, Portégé X30-D-17K, Portégé X30-D-17L, Portégé X30-D-187, Portégé X30-D-18F, Portégé X30-D-19C, Portégé X30-D-19E, Portégé X30-D-1D3, Portégé X30-D-1ED, Portégé X30-D-1FX, Portégé X30-E-12D, Portégé X30-E-136, Portégé X30-E-137, Portégé X30-E-138, Portégé X30-E-139, Portégé X30-E-13C, Portégé X30-E-13D, Portégé X30-E-13E, Portégé Z20T-C-14J, Portégé Z20T-C-156, Portégé Z30-C-188, Portégé Z30-C-1EK, Portégé Z30-C-1EL, Portégé Z30-C-1EM, Portégé Z30-C-1EN, Portégé Z30-C-1F6, Portégé Z30T-C-135, Satellite Pro A40-D-117, Satellite Pro A40-D-11L, Satellite Pro A40-D-11M, Satellite Pro A50-C-24V, Satellite Pro A50-C-29P, Satellite Pro A50-C-2MJ, Satellite Pro A50-D-10J, Satellite Pro A50-D-12P, Satellite Pro A50-D-12T, Satellite Pro A50-D-12X, Satellite Pro A50-D-14M, Satellite Pro A50-D-14N, Satellite Pro A50-D-14P, Satellite Pro A50-D-14U, Satellite Pro A50-D-14X, Satellite Pro A50-D-14Z, Satellite Pro A50-E-117, Satellite Pro A50-E-12D, Satellite Pro R40-C-13K, Satellite Pro R50-C-17Z, Satellite Pro R50-C-190, Satellite Pro R50-C-196, Satellite Pro R50-C-197, Satellite Pro R50-D-104, Satellite Pro R50-E-110, Tecra A40-D-12P, Tecra A40-D-17E, Tecra A50-C-29R, Tecra A50-C-2L4, Tecra A50-C-2L5, Tecra A50-C-2L6, Tecra A50-C-2L7, Tecra A50-C-2L9, Tecra A50-D-11M, Tecra A50-D-12R, Tecra A50-D-1J4, Tecra A50-D-1J5, Tecra X40-D-10G, Tecra X40-D-10H, Tecra X40-D-10J, Tecra X40-D-10R, Tecra X40-D-10T, Tecra X40-D-10Z, Tecra X40-D-145, Tecra X40-D-149, Tecra X40-D-14M, Tecra X40-D-14P, Tecra X40-D-14T, Tecra X40-D-152, Tecra X40-D-15F, Tecra X40-E-10N, Tecra X40-E-115, Tecra X40-E-11Q, Tecra X40-E-11U, Tecra Z50-C-13L, Tecra Z50-C-155, Tecra Z50-E-107, Tecra Z50-E-10R
The perfect choice to load software, watch movies, play music, burn & rip CDs / DVDs and back up files. Ultra-slim and powered by your computer, it is easy to take anywhere and use anytime. The Portable SuperMulti drive is small, lightweight and with a slim design. It is perfect for ultrabook and laptops without an optical drive or older laptops with an outdated optical drive. Record to all common media formats and enjoy excellent playback compatibility on DVD drives and players. You can record hours of video onto a DVD or permanently back up files onto the M-Disc format that engraves your information into a rock-like layer that has been proven to last for hundreds of years and is resistant to extreme conditions of temperature, light, humidity and more. For business applications or personal pleasure, the Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive does it all.
Product Description Toshiba USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - external
Device Type DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive - external
Colour Silver
Interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Dimensions (WxDxH) 14.32 cm x 14.97 cm x 1.47 cm
Weight 261 g
Optical Storage DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty
Designed For Portégé A30, A30t, X20W, X30, Z20T, Z30, Z30T; Satellite Pro A40, A50, R40, R50; Tecra A40, A50, X40, Z50
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