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Toshiba with Hard Drive Retention - Extended service agreement1

Toshiba with Hard Drive Retention - Extended service agreement
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: EXH103EU-V

Art.No.: S10475331

parts and labour, 3 years (from original purchase date of the equipment), 8x5, for Dynabook Toshiba Portégé Z40; Toshiba Satellite Pro A50, R50; Satellite C55, C875, L50

Price: 80,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


NB520 125, NB520 12C, Qosmio G40-12A, Qosmio G50-12U, Qosmio X300-15G, Qosmio X770-13G, Qosmio X870-13Z, Satellite A200-1IZ, Satellite A200-1N8, Satellite A200-23X, Satellite A210-169, Satellite A300-14S, Satellite A300-15I, Satellite A300-1MW, Satellite A300-1P4, Satellite A300-1PC, Satellite A300-20C, Satellite A300-237, Satellite A300-29H, Satellite A300D-11W, Satellite A300D-17F, Satellite A300D-18I, Satellite A300D-205, Satellite A300D-226, Satellite A350D-20G, Satellite A500-13D, Satellite C55-C-1LZ, Satellite C55-C-1M0, Satellite C55-C-1NK, Satellite C55-C-1RX, Satellite C55-C-1RZ, Satellite C55-C-1T0, Satellite C55-C-1T1, Satellite C55-C-1T2, Satellite C660-25C, Satellite C660-27Z, Satellite C660-28W, Satellite C660-2N5, Satellite C660-2R1, Satellite C660-2RC, Satellite C660-2U7, Satellite C670-104, Satellite C670-13K, Satellite C670-13P, Satellite C670-17C, Satellite C670-17V, Satellite C670-181, Satellite C670-1D4, Satellite C670-1D9, Satellite C670-1DJ, Satellite C670-1DP, Satellite C670D-11Z, Satellite C670D-12Q, Satellite C850-14X, Satellite C850-16P, Satellite C850-16Q, Satellite C850-1CE, Satellite C850-1CR, Satellite C850-1DD, Satellite C850-1DH, Satellite C850-1E4, Satellite C850-1F2, Satellite C850-1G3, Satellite C850-1G5, Satellite C850-1LL, Satellite C850D-11K, Satellite C850D-11W, Satellite C855-17T, Satellite C855-184, Satellite C855-19K, Satellite C855-1ED, Satellite C855-1JC, Satellite C855-1V3, Satellite C855-1VD, Satellite C855-1VX, Satellite C855-1WZ, Satellite C855-1XC, Satellite C855-1XD, Satellite C855-1XE, Satellite C855-20N, Satellite C855-20P, Satellite C855-223, Satellite C855-224, Satellite C855-22G, Satellite C855-2EG, Satellite C855-2EK, Satellite C855D-121, Satellite C870-12T, Satellite C870-133, Satellite C870-15M, Satellite C870-165, Satellite C870-18F, Satellite C870-18W, Satellite C870-190, Satellite C870-192, Satellite C870-19C, Satellite C870-1CK, Satellite C870-1DH, Satellite C875-14U, Satellite C875-14W, Satellite C875-154, Satellite L300-1FP, Satellite L300-254, Satellite L30-113, Satellite L30-142, Satellite L350-17Z, Satellite L40-18S, Satellite L450D-13J, Satellite L500-126, Satellite L500-12V, Satellite L500-1EQ, Satellite L500-1GE, Satellite L500-1QE, Satellite L500-1QV, Satellite L50-C-1ZT, Satellite L50-C-25M, Satellite L50D-C-19D, Satellite L555-11L, Satellite L650-108, Satellite L670D-106, Satellite L755-187, Satellite L775-18H, Satellite L775-18Q, Satellite L830-11M, Satellite L850-14C, Satellite L850-14H, Satellite L850-15F, Satellite L850-16D, Satellite L850-16H, Satellite L850-1FG, Satellite L850-1UP, Satellite L850D-10J, Satellite L850D-10V, Satellite L850D-11G, Satellite L850D-11T, Satellite L855-126, Satellite L870-10V, Satellite L870-134, Satellite L870-13K, Satellite L870-13L, Satellite L870-150, Satellite L870-155, Satellite L870-16E, Satellite L870-16L, Satellite M100-150, Satellite M100-233, Satellite P200D-11L, Satellite P500-153, Satellite P750-12R, Satellite P845-105, Satellite P845-106, Satellite P855-30N, Satellite P855-30Q, Satellite P855-32V, Satellite P870-308, Satellite P870-30D, Satellite P870-32H, Satellite P870-32K, Satellite P870-32L, Satellite P875-30G, Satellite P875-30K, Satellite P875-31R, Satellite R850-18V, Satellite R850-19Q, Satellite R850-1JP, Satellite U400D-204, Satellite U500-10L, Satellite U840-113, Satellite U840W-10F, Satellite U920t-10H, Satellite U940-11F, Satellite U940-11J, Satellite X200-21T, Satellite X200-22U
With Toshiba support solutions, you have the confidence that your investment is protected. Toshiba's support solutions feature a single point of contact for quick and reliable service, providing the ability to purchase a total hardware and service solution from a single source.
Product Description Toshiba with Hard Drive Retention - extended service agreement - 3 years
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labour
Full Contract Period 3 years (from original purchase date of the equipment)
Service Availability 8 hours a day / 5 days a week
Localisation EMEA
Designed For Dynabook Toshiba Portégé R930, Z40, Z830, Z930; Toshiba Satellite Pro A50, C660, C850, C870, L850, L870, R50; Toshiba Tecra R940, R950; NB520; Qosmio X870; Satellite C55, C660, C670, C850, C855, C870, C875, L50, L755, L775, L830, L850, L855, L870, P750, P845, P855, P870, P875, R850, U840, U920, U940
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